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History & Overview

A Brief History Of Ghosted.com

Ghosted.com has been in the Webhosting sector since 1998 and is powered by Mixcat Interactive network! We have strategic partnerships with tier 1 and 2 premium datacenters all around the world to bring the best value and performance. We configure, administrate and secure servers all over the world for some of the largest companies. We use blended bandwidth to make sure your website performs fast, here in the United States or anywhere else on the globe. Rest assured we value your business and we work hard to match your needs with the best available tech to help you scale and grow your website.
We run both Windows and Linux web servers, and can a range of control panels to make it easy to administrate your server or hosting.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to learn more about your needs so we can steer you in the right direction and help you grow.


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Shared Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ghosted Web hosting & Domain FAQ

Just like yourself, you need a place to live, so does your website. Website files be it HTML, PHP, WordPress or any other type need to be located on a very fat server for the world to be able to access them. You want to find the most stable and fastest servers on the best networks so your webpage can be accessed from anyone where ever they might be in the world. Ghosted uses top of the line web servers on the best and fastest networks. This will impress your visitors and allow you to scale fast!.

If you’re just starting off, we recommend the personal web hosting. This will be enough for you to build a single website and have your own email address at your domain too! If you are looking to run an ecommerce website and might need multiple email addresses we recommend the Pro Website hosting package. This will allow an unlimited amount of email accounts for your domain. Its perfect for business startups looking to make a name in their space.

Domains are very affordable and they no matter what company you use to buy a domain name you only pay yearly for your name. You will have the option to pay for multiple years so you don’t run the risk of loosing your domain due to overlooking a bill.
Its true that you do need web hosting for your website if you want a webpage. Domain names are like internet real estate, they can really go up in value! Some premium domains have sold for millions of dollars. So, if you have a great idea for a domain or website, we recommend buying the name right away if its available. You can look up domain name to see if it’s still available on our Ghosted Domain lookup.

If you’re a web developer or serial entrepreneur reseller hosting might be a smart and more cost-effective way to go. Reseller Hosting accounts include what’s called WHM or Web host Manager panel. It allows you to create as many new hosting accounts as you can fit under your package level. This gives you the ability to test out ideas, or build a website for a client and charge them for hosting. This is like being your own hosting company without having the cost of buying servers, paying for datacenter fees, support and cPanel licensing. You can be your own hosting company with a couple clicks, powered & supported by Ghosted.com Let us help you grow!

All Ghosted.com hosting account packages will give the option to create a private email address at your domain. This is easily done in the cPanel Control Panel under the email option. Your own email makes you look more professional. You can add this email to your business card and look like a pro!

What do I do when I need help with my website, hosting or domain?
If you need help, you’re not alone. Just reach out to the Ghosted support team on our contact page for contact options. We have a ticketing system that you can ask questions 24/7 for a fast response. We have other contact options available on our contact page too.