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Nowadays many people are working online. They are different types of work that are available online. One of the most common things that many users do is make websites. But when people start their work online, they don’t know that web hosting and domain are two different things. They make their websites and start running them.

On the other hand, creating a website for the few distinct pieces that function together is critical to figuring out what works. If you are not using web hosting and domain registration properly, you won’t have a website online. To make your presence on the internet, you must have these two terms along with your website.

For instance, if you are making a website on your laptop and have data of the website on the laptop. But without a host and domain name, one can view your website data online except you. So it is essential to have the domain and web hosting for running a website online.  In this article, you will understand both these terms and how they work.

What is the domain?

A domain name is the URL of your website online, where others may visit it. To view your website, online visitors put it into the URL bar of their device. A dot separates the two elements of a domain name. The first element is your website or brand name, which may be any letters digits.

The second is a domain extension, such,.org,.net,, and so on. Every domain name has a different and unique web address. It means that there can only be a  website of that name on the internet. It helps to reach the specific website easily. The users that will search your URL will get straight to your website. 

What is web hosting?

The user needs to use web hosting to store your website data file and information. It is similar to the website’s main page. If the domain address were your home’s location, the web hosting server would be your home. You’ll have both a domain name and web hosting to construct a website. If a user types your website’s URL into the URL bar of their browser, the domain address directs visitors to the information stored on the webserver. They may then access your website over the internet.

What is the difference between Domain Vs Hosting

Although domain names and web hosting are different entities, they are inextricably linked. You’ll need a domain name and a hosting web service to build the website. That implies you won’t create a website without at least one among them.

 You might begin by selecting a domain name and registering it with a domain registrar—a domain name registration for a lower one-year limit with many domain firms. To keep utilizing your domain, you must update it before it expires. After that, you may purchase a hosting package and connect it to your domain name. Following that, you may install website technology widgets and extensions and material to the webpage.

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