is a web hosting company that strives to provide its customers with high-quality, cost-effective, and dependable services. offers three web hosting packages. Users can only host one website under the personal package, three websites under the basic package, and unlimited websites under the advanced package.

Joomla is a free, open-source software solution for building websites for designing and developing web pages. It is implemented in PHP language and can store information in a MySQL database management system. Because of functionalities like webpage caching and multiple programming language support, it is considered one of the best CMS.

There are numerous benefits to utilising Joomla. It is a freemium solution and being open-source, it can be customised to meet specific user needs. Joomla can be used to design blogs and websites because it has so many features and functions. Joomla is simple to set up and highly user-friendly a user with no prior experience in Web design or coding can use it.   Joomla also offers a variety of layouts and themes to help make web pages and blogs more appealing.

The caching technique used in  Joomla is one of the most significant and yet most powerful operation frameworks.  Caching makes it possible for the Joomla website to be substantially faster. In addition, it prevents overwhelming the Joomla platform’s dedicated server. Joomla comes with pre-installed URLs that are search engine friendly. All that is required from the user is to allow the URL on their site.  the search engine friendly URLs will boost the search engine optimisation ranking of a website

In, cPanel is the tool that enables users to install Joomla. Clients can use cPanel to administer, operate, and manage Joomla. cPanel allows users to control hostnames, database connections, and other features. cPanel is a very safe platform to use. Each Ghosted web hosting customer is given a cPanel account, which they log into using their username and password.

The steps below will guide you when installing Joomla on Ghosted web hosting. You should not be concerned if you lack IT expertise because the installation methods do not necessitate any prior IT experience.

Step 1

The first step is downloading the most recent Joomla release from their site. Downloading the package from their site will prevent you from installing malicious packages. The second advantage is that Joomla’s main site has the current release of the installation package. This means the technical team would have fixed bugs from previous versions.  in your web browser, type “”. Then check out the latest version. Then click the download button.

Step 2

Using a web browser of your choice, log in to your cPanel account using the web URL The login page, as shown below, will require you to enter the credential given to you by ghosted support staff. 

Step 3

Scroll down your cPanel account until you locate the File tab. Then click on the file manager.

Step 4

After clicking the file manager, you will be re-directed to this page.

Click on the upload button. You will be prompted to select the Joomla Zip file you download in step one. Locate it on your computer and upload it.  The file will be uploaded to the file directory as shown below.

Step 5.

Select the file, then click on the extract button.

In the extract dialogue box type “/public_html/Joomla”. This is the file directory on which will extract the Joomla package. After the extraction process is finished, go back to cPanel.

Step 6

This step will require you to create a database for your website using Joomla. Go to the ghosted cPanel, scroll to the database tab, and then click on the MYSQL database wizard. Fill in the details as shown below.

Enter the database name as “joomladatabase.”

Then create a strong password for the database user.

Then select all privileges and click next. This will create a database for the Joomla website. Go back to the cPanel

Step 6

Go to your web browser and locate the Joomla site we installed previously. In our case, Joomla was installed in “public_html/Joomla”. Go to your web browser and type “”.

Fill out the blank box with the correct details, then click next to configure the database.

Enter the name, username and password for the database. Then click next.

You are now in the finalisation stage. Click install, and the Joomla site will be set up.

You will then receive a congratulation message that Joomla has been installed.

These are the primary steps to install Joomla on Ghosted site. If you encounter any technical challenges, you can contact server administrators.