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The WooCommerce module allows you to use the WordPress site to create an online market. It converts the standard WordPress site into a completely operational and reliable e-commerce website.

WooCommerce enables selling any goods or service to be simple and economical on your word press site. It enables you to sell virtual and tangible things, accept online financial transactions, manage them, and intelligently process your tax payments.

Adopting WooCommerce on WordPress has a lot of benefits. First, setting up and installation of WooCommerce is simple.

WooCommerce may be installed in a similar way to other plugins. It’s free of charge in the WordPress plugin catalogue.

The user can easily access the plugin directory from the WordPress admin. WooCommerce comes with a lot of features. With almost all of the functionality needed to operate an e-commerce website.  WooCommerce comes with all the tools you’ll need to create an effective e-commerce website in the palm of your hands.

WooCommerce is a dynamic and versatile platform. Users can use Plugins and add-ons to maximise the effectiveness of their e-commerce site. There are both free and paid plugins available. This ensures you can tailor your e-commerce website to meet your specific requirements. WooCommerce offers several certified plugins on its platform.

Another advantage of WooCommerce is its extensive range of product offerings. When customers navigate to your e-commerce site, they can view the physical appearance of the product. Furthermore, they can view the description of how it works before placing an order. WooCommerce personalises each product category so that customers have all the data to make an accurate judgement.

The following steps will guide you on installing WooCommerce on the WordPress site.

If you have not installed WordPress, you can check out our article  “ How to install WordPress on”. The article contains descriptive steps that will help you install WordPress using Cpanel. 

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

Step one

Log in to the WordPress site that you had previously created.

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

Step 2

After logging in, you will be directed to the administrator panel, like the one shown below.

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

Click the plugin tab, then add new.

Step 3

You will be directed to a new page. On this page, type “WooCommerce”, which will display the results below.

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

Click the install button.

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

Step 4

 WordPress will now install the WooCommerce plugin. Before using the plugin, you have to activate it. You will notice that the button that had
The “install Now” button has changed to “activate”. Click on the button to activate the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Installation Guide on Ghosted WordPress Site

That is all it takes to install the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. If you encounter any challenges during the process, you can seek assistance from technical experts. Their contact information is found on the home page.