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WordPress Installation Guide from Ghosted Web Hosting is a web hosting company that strives to offer its clients quality, affordable and reliable services. has three web hosting packages.  Under the personal package, a user can only host a single website, while the basic package supports three websites and the advanced package supports unlimited websites.

One distinct feature of Ghosted web hosting is the ability for a user to install WordPress. WordPress is a free and open software solution common for users with no programming experience who wish to create blogs and websites. WordPress is free on Ghosted web hosting and does not require the user to pay additional fees during installation. Furthermore, it is user-friendly, and one can easily make changes to suit their needs.

cPanel is the tool that allows a user to install WordPress in Primarily cPanel enables clients to control, manage, and maintain their WordPress websites.  Users can use cPanel to manage hostnames, and database connections, among other things. cPanel is a highly secure platform. Every Ghosted web hosting customer is given a cPanel profile that they can access through their username and password.

To install WordPress in Ghosted web hosting, the user should follow the following steps. You should not be worried that you are not an IT expert, as the installation steps do not require prior IT knowledge.

Step 1

Using a web browser of your choice, log in to your cPanel account using the web URL The login page, as shown below, will require you to enter the credential given to you by ghosted support staff.  It is worth noting that you can access the cPanel account using your smartphone or Laptop.

Step 2

After entering the right credentials, you will be successfully logged into cPanel. Scroll the website downward until you Locate the Softaculous apps installer. Then click to expand it. Alternatively, you can use the search box.

Step 3

Under the Softaculous tab, you will notice a word press icon.  Click it, and you will be directed to a webpage with information about the WordPress version and features to be installed.

Step 4

You should then fill the blank textbox with the correct details.

In the choose protocol textbox, you should type “http://,” while in the choose domain textbox, you should type “” Then leave the in-Directory textbox blank

Finally, you should fill out the name of your blog, an administrator user name, and a password.

Step 5

After filling out these details, the Softaculous apps installer will verify the details, and if they do not meet the minimum criteria, the installation will not proceed. Otherwise, the installer will notify you that it installed WordPress successfully at the following location:

Admin URL

You can then verify if the site is working by visiting the admin URL.

That is all it takes to install WordPress using cPanel on Ghosted web hosting company. As you can see from the above steps, the installation was easy and did not need prior IT knowledge, thanks to cPanel and Softaculous