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We all know that website securing is essential, but some forget to work on securing Cpanel. Protecting the website hosting space is vital so that hackers can not attack your website and breach your personal space. Every website has a server space for storing all the files. So it would help if you protected it by securing your Cpanel accounts. It is not hard or complicated to ensure the Cpanel accounts as you must take some precautionary steps.

How to Secure Your cPanel Account security

The Cpanel security provides additional protection to any website and gives you peace of mind.

Now here we will share some primary tips for securing your Cpanel. Ensure that you follow these protective measures for securing your Cpanel and protecting all your essential data.

Securing Cpanel through basic practices

It is wrong if you think the standard password is enough to secure the Cpanel and protect it from your hackers. The hackers ca n quickly break the common passwords and breach your essential website information. So you have a vital part in making the hacker’s job easy. However, it would help if you thought exceptionally about securing your Cpanel.

Build a robust password

Usually, hackers attempt to hack the Cpanel accounts through leveraged or weak passwords. So it would help if you built a strong password that is hard to guess and that no one can think about. You can protect your Cpanel account through a password, but it should be strong.

How to Secure Your cPanel Account

Ensure to use the entirely new password that is different from all other passwords you use on your other accounts. Many of us also habitually build the password with username or security questions. It is also a wrong attempt and makes an easy-to-guess password. Ensure to add the suitable symbols, uppercase latter, and dots to increase your password’s complexity.

In addition, if you think it is hard to remember a complex password, then you can use some tools to save it for yourself.

Add and Enable a Firewall

Keep in mind that the Cpanel directly connects with different services on your website. It enables the hackers to pass through these services and hack your Cpanel account. So you need to install a firewall for the hackers and secure your Cpanel account. You can use different firewalls to protect your Cpanel account, but nowadays, CONFIGSERVER SECURITY is the most popular.

However, firewall services help control traffic follow, DDOS attacks, and network connection tracking. When you control traffic flow, it closes all the connections that look hazardous to your space. Moreover, it will only allow you to open secure connections and receive the website traffic.

How to Secure Your cPanel Account

The hackers install the DDoS on your website to hack the security. But the firewall services prevent installing these DDoS attacks and only allow authorized traffic to open at your site.

In other words, we can say that the firewall services at Cpanel can protect the website from malicious tools that want to enter your website.

Antivirus Software

The website Cpanel or space serves as the operating system, so it can potentially be affected by viruses. These virus attacks can corrupt the website files and reduce their authenticity. So it is advisable to install the antivirus software on your website and keep it protected. The antivirus softwares can detect the attack of any virus on your website.

Now there is plenty of antivirus software to choose from or recommendations from your fellow website makers.

Remove Malicious Files

All the hackers use a famous tool for hacking named ROOKIT. It is a specific tool that can hide the malicious files from your server even if you are looking for them. These malicious files serve for DDoS attacks and speed up the hacking process.

Securing Cpanel

You need to diagnose these files through unique scanning and remove them. It helps you to strengthen the Cpanel. Keep in mind that securing Cpanel is essential even if you need to delete the necessary but dangerous files for better security of your website.

Securing Cpanel Entry Points

Now here are the security tips for securing Cpanel entry points. It helps to increase the security of your account and make it protective from all the hackers.

Change or Update the SSH Port Number

The ssh port number is the essential part of the Cpanel account through which you can access your account remotely. The ssh stands for the SECURE SHELL of your account. Keep in mind that if you can enter through an SSH port number, hackers also know the same route. So you need to change or update the SSH port number to secure the Cpanel account.

Every website has a default ssh port number that hackers also know. They can track the number and attack your website. So one of the easiest ways to protect your Cpanel account is to change the ssh port number to the non-default digit. The hackers can not guess the number and are unable to breach the security of your account.

Moreover, updating the ssh version is also a practical idea for securing the Cpanel. The new version of ssh comes with additional security and has fewer chances of hackers’ attacks. Now you need to decide whether you want to change the ssh port number or update its version for better security.

Disable FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The Cpanel account of your website allows the users to use FTP anonymously. It also allows the users to gain access to your hosting serve files. You may not know about the dangers of anonymous use of FTPs. But it can virtually put your files on hosting service without any identification. You need to protect your files and disable anonymous FTP access. You can find the option for disabling the FTP in your Cpanel setting and increasing the security of your Cpanel.

Securing Cpanel with Inside Security

It is not enough to secure only the entry points and general securities. You also need some steps to improve your Cpanel account’s inside security. It will help to increase the security points of your Cpanel accounts, and you don’t need to worry about all the attacks from potential hackers.

Security of Apache and PHP

Apache and PHP is the famous web server essential for the smooth working of the Cpanel account. But when securing your Cpanel, you also need to secure the Apache and php as hackers can attack it to reach your Cpanel account.

You can install security software like MODESECURITY and many others for the safety of your server. Moreover, ensure to use the latest version of these servers as they already have better security protections and keys.

Encrypted FTP Service

As we already said, FTP services allow you to access your website space remotely quickly. However, many of us use the simple or old version of FTP services, but these are vulnerable to hacking. So it is better to use the encrypted FTP services as these are safe than simple ones. You can get the encrypted FTP services from Cpanel account settings and need to switch them.

Final words

Now ensure that you follow all these tips for securing your Cpanel account. Moreover, ensure that you are using the latest version of Cpanel as it helps improve security measures.

We hope these tips will increase the security of your Cpanel account, and you can give a hard time to all the potential hackers.