WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which Is Best Suited For You?

In this article, we will address the confusion that seems to persist in the hosting world with the terms WordPress hosting and web hosting. Using some form of web hosting is essential if you want your business to go online. Choosing the right web host can boost your site’s SEO, increase sales, and provide tools […]

Website security and protection

Website security and protection Website security can be a complex (even confusing) topic in an ever-changing landscape. This guide is intended to provide a clear picture for website owners who want to mitigate risk and apply security principles to their web properties. our post: Web hosting hub Cheap web hosting services Cloud web hosting Best […]

Securing Your Cpanel

We all know that website securing is essential, but some forget to work on securing Cpanel. Protecting the website hosting space is vital so that hackers can not attack your website and breach your personal space. Every website has a server space for storing all the files. So it would help if you protected it […]

Importance of SEO-optimized domain names

The domain name is essential when you start a new business website or general website. It would help if you made the right choice for the domain name as it will represent your website. If we consider the domain name from an SEO point of view, then it also has a higher position. Google or […]

How to increase website traffic? SEO Search Engine Optimization tips

The website only has worth when it gets enough website traffic. Right? There are plenty of strategies to gain and increase traffic to your website. Search engine optimization is essential to making a worthy website. Many think SEO is just for online businesses, digital marketing, content ranking, and others. But it has significant importance in […]

How To Get Traffic On A Website: Better SEO

Nowadays, creating a website is becoming more common with better SEO. Whether you start your new online business or want to post your essay or articles online, you need to make a website. It helps you show your presence in the online world and also assists in growing your business. People come to your website […]

Role of better website hosting service in your website efficiency

Do you want to make an efficient website with a better hosting service? The website has some mandatory things that give you valuable business. Similarly, website hosting is essential in running an effective website and boosting its efficiency. You have plenty of website hosting services in the market, but every hosting service impacts your website […]

LiteSpeed vs Apache

People claim that choosing a hosting company is the first step in creating a website. We can go further and ensure you’re on the correct web server. All hosting elements – your site’s performance, continual uptime, and growth potential — are highly influenced by your hardware. In summary, a dependable business web hosting server might mean the […]

How to install WordPress Ghosted Web Hosting.

Ghosted.com is a web hosting company that strives to offer its clients quality, affordable and reliable services. Ghosted.com has three web hosting packages.  Under the personal package, a user can only host a single website, while the basic package supports three websites and the advanced package supports unlimited websites. One distinct feature of Ghosted web […]

how to install WooCommerce on Ghosted.com WordPress site

The WooCommerce module allows you to use the Ghosted.com WordPress site to create an online market. It converts the standard WordPress site into a completely operational and reliable e-commerce website. WooCommerce enables selling any goods or service to be simple and economical on your Ghosted.com word press site. It enables you to sell virtual and […]