Top 10 Chat GPT Chrome Extensions

Top 10 Chat GPT Chrome Extensions

Here are a few of the best Chat GPT Chrome extensions to enhance productivity, writing and communication. Some even allow you to generate prompts, summarize content or search the internet for information.

Monica AI Copilot is an extension that takes ChatGPT one step further by offering simple prompts and enhanced Gmail support, making the experience smoother for users. Plus, it’s free! Offering numerous features along the way.

1. ShareGPT

ShareGPT allows you to easily share the dialogue from ChatGPT conversations as a URL with others. Recipients of that URL can click it to view the prompt, but any new requests and responses will only appear for themselves.

ChatGPT makes sharing conversations quickly and effortlessly; its anonymous nature means there are no privacy concerns. In addition, you can monitor how many views a ChatGPT conversation has received; its impressive feature set makes it worth your while to try it for free!

2. Wiseone

Wiseone is an innovative productivity extension that transforms online reading experiences. Utilizing AI technology, this cutting-edge reading assistant makes complex concepts clearer while simultaneously mastering any subject more quickly and providing easier access to reliable, factual information.

Prompt Genius is an easy and unobtrusive ChatGPT extension that enables you to play prompts without opening a new window. Simply install and press/hold the spacebar when speaking.

Save to Notion is a convenient extension that makes saving conversations from ChatGPT directly in Notion easy, free, and privacy-focused.

3. Merlin

Merlin is a Chrome extension that brings ChatGPT into any website, providing instantaneous responses from its state-of-the-art AI writing tool no matter where you find yourself online.

Wiseone markets itself as an AI reading copilot that assists readers with better retaining complex explanations. The app works by recognizing text in any document and breaking it into easily understood chunks for easier comprehension.

Prompt Genius provides users with access to an extensive library of prompts and customization features, enabling them to select only those most useful to them and personalize their ChatGPT experience.

4. Botrush

Botrush makes documenting workflows, creating SOPs or step-by-step guides, or copying ChatGPT responses for later reference easier than ever with its extension that enables easy copying without manual highlighting and runs the text through plagiarism detectors.

FancyGPT can enhance your conversations by adding an artistic style, as well as saving them as images, PDFs or text files. Furthermore, FancyGPT supports multilingual output and keeps track of conversation length to allow more efficient time management. Plus it’s free and available in Chrome Web Store!

5. Engage AI

Students and researchers can utilize WebChatGPT to enhance the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT by including relevant search results into its discussions. It also features markdown rendering, code highlights, customizable dark mode options, customizable dark mode configuration options, markdown rendering capability and more!

This plugin makes it quick and easy to post insightful comments on Facebook and LinkedIn posts in seconds, summarise YouTube videos and access ChatGPT responses from Google search results pages, maintain longer conversations by periodically pinging them, as well as offering a large Prompt Library.

6. YouTube Summary

YouTube Summary is a highly-rated Chrome extension that utilizes large language models to quickly transcribe, summarize and translate online content such as YouTube videos, articles or PDFs. It works on YouTube videos as well as articles or PDFs.

Simply input text prompts to instantly generate summaries on the fly, such as “summarize this article in three bullet points” or “simplify this text for a 5-year-old”. Custom prompts that simplify your own content may also be added as prompts. NoteGPT integration ensures efficient knowledge management and retrieval while supporting keyboard shortcuts and plagiarism detection tools making this tool invaluable.

7. Summarize

Merlin is one of the top ChatGPT extensions for Chrome, free and compatible with multiple websites. This flexible tool enables users to document workflows and generate SOPs with responses featuring images, screenshots and links in ChatGPT replies.

Wiseone helps readers easily grasp complex technical documents or blogs by breaking them into manageable paragraphs. Simply hover your cursor over any topic that doesn’t make sense to reveal an explanation and context box from Wiseone’s extension.

Prompt Genius is an incredible ChatGPT extension that enhances its UI by adding more colors and fonts while supporting multilingual prompts.

8. WebChatGPT

Copying ChatGPT responses can be tedious; this handy extension makes the process easier by adding a “Copy” button to each response and offering keyboard shortcuts for copying text. Furthermore, plagiarism detectors will scan any copied texts before running them through them to ensure their accuracy and safety for use.

This plugin unlocks ChatGPT’s potential by giving it access to real-time web resources for searching and analysis, adding toggles for one-click prompts, as well as image characterization options. Compatible with any Chromium-based browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge and is completely free with privacy in mind – an absolute must for any ChatGPT user!

9. Prompt Genius

Prompt Genius is an essential Chat GPT Chrome extension for writers. This user-friendly prompt management tool makes finding and using the ideal prompts easier, offering users access to a wealth of helpful features.

Merlin, featured in our article about the best Google Assistant apps, is an AI-powered extension that works across websites. It can easily summarize YouTube videos and answer complex queries while offering significant productivity increases – plus even helping generate caption ideas!

10. Monica

Copy for ChatGPT, one of the most acclaimed Chrome extensions for ChatGPT, makes copying responses easier by providing a “Copy” button and supporting keyboard shortcuts; additionally, it runs copied text through plagiarism detectors to ensure the authenticity of copied texts.

This extension is perfect for users seeking instant text snippets for social media posts and emails, or summarizing YouTube videos and helping digest long articles by breaking them up into bite-sized pieces. There’s both a free and premium version, with the latter providing 11 generations of text-to-speech per day at a starting price of $9 per month.


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