Top 7 Chrome Extensions For Twitter (X)

Chrome Extensions For Twitter (X)
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Twitter (X) provides an effective platform for expanding an audience and building personal or business brands, but some key growth levers are missing in its app. Chrome extensions fill those gaps to make managing Twitter accounts simpler.

Cygaar recently unveiled a Chrome extension that replaces Elon Musk’s iconic “X” branding with Twitter’s iconic bird logo.

2. Easy for X

Elon Musk’s eccentric vision for Twitter has resulted in its transformation into “X,” an “everything app” inspired by WeChat in China. While we may never get back to its glory days prior to Musk taking control, Cygaar offers a Chrome extension that lets users relive some nostalgia.

Twitter’s extension for Chrome makes switching between X and the regular website simple with just one click, offering users an app-style experience in separate window. In addition, advanced tweet management features like bulk archiving/deleting tweets as well as analytics features to measure Twitter engagement are included, making these tools ideal for businesses using Twitter for marketing.

3. PixieBrix

PixieBrix is an easy and low-code tool that enables users to quickly customize any web interface to meet their exact requirements, perfect for teams aiming to optimize digital workflows or make technology fit better into their lives.

Switching tasks can be time-consuming, leading to lost productivity. The Share on Twitter extension streamlines this process by enabling you to instantly share websites, links or text directly onto Twitter without leaving the page.

Other useful features include Minimal Theme’s clutter-free experience, instant mutes and Slack integration; TextCortex automates tweeting using customizable prompts while mimicking your tone of voice; Dewey helps organize and manage Twitter bookmarks – these all are fantastic tools to have!

4. Dewey

As any Twitter user knows, Twitter can sometimes be frustrating. From an overly-navigation interface to broken Bookmarks functionality, various things can get in the way of tweeting effectively.

Chrome extensions offer many solutions to make Twitter easier and more functional, from rewriting posts to tracking hashtags, these plugins offer numerous additional functions. One such extension is TextCortex – an AI copilot that helps writers craft more compelling tweets; perfect for freelancers, marketers and SMEs whose content must be natural language generated – give it a free trial today and see for yourself!

5. Twitter Tool

Twitter can be an incredible platform to build and expand a personal brand and expand followership, but some growth levers such as effective tweet management, bookmarking capabilities, and seamless account usage are still missing from its core platform. These extensions fill those gaps so users can enjoy an enjoyable Twitter experience.

If you’re sick and tired of Elon Musk’s random redesign and generic-looking X branding, this Chrome extension will restore the iconic blue bird logo back into his app. Furthermore, you can quickly mute keywords and download embedded videos from Twitter posts with this simple solution.

TextCortex is an intelligent AI assistant designed to help you craft captivating tweets and content for your audience. The app serves instant hashtag suggestions and can rephrase content for clarity; available both desktop and mobile platforms with support for over 25 languages; prices vary per month but start from just $65 monthly subscription plan.

6. Minimal Theme

The Minimal theme for Shopify allows visitors to easily inspect product details. This theme can be an invaluable asset in stores that showcase design and craftsmanship while serving as an upselling strategy.

With minimalist-style web pages, users can showcase collections directly on their home page to create an eye-catching site that’s both mobile- and user-friendly.

Contentdrips to Dewey offers various solutions that will enhance productivity and digital experiences – discover which extensions suit you best by trying them out yourself! Electro is a Shopify theme provider that has more information on themes and features available to them on their website.

7. Tweet Hunter X

Tweet Hunter is designed to automate repetitive tasks and provide powerful analytics, making it essential for any serious Twitter user. It can help identify content to share, optimize tweet timing for maximum engagement, and expand followership.

Key capabilities of Buffer include scheduling tweets and threads, responding automatically to direct messages (DMs) sent directly from users, enhancing content with templates and AI tools and tracking audience growth over time – providing analytics for informed future marketing strategies.

Kleo is another browser extension designed to enhance Twitter by offering targeted searches and surface-related posts. It replaces the traditional search bar with an advanced user interface (UI), offering shortcuts and instant results; and also eliminating doomscrolling by bringing relevant posts directly to the front of your timeline.


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